Jul 6, 2015

Our gallery has been updated with photo sessions of Dan from 2013. Thanks to Luciana, from jessica-chastain.com, for sending them our way!

Dan StevensDan StevensDan StevensDan Stevens

Jul 6, 2015

An old photoshoot of Dan and his Downton Abbey co-star Michelle Dockery has been added to our gallery. It was first seen on the London Evening Standard, and you can read the article here.

Dan StevensDan StevensDan Stevens

Jul 4, 2015

A couple of photoshoots of Dan from 2012 have been added to our gallery.

Dan StevensDan StevensDan StevensDan Stevens

Jul 3, 2015

Our gallery has been updated with promotional stills, official posters, screen captures and on set pictures of the film “The Cobbler”, which was released last year and is now available on Netflix.

Dan StevensDan StevensDan StevensDan Stevens

Jul 2, 2015

Our gallery has been updated with promotional stills, official posters and screen captures from the film A Walk Among The Tombstones, which was released last year.

Dan StevensDan StevensDan StevensDan Stevens

Jul 2, 2015

Every month, a number of movies and TV series leave Netflix streaming, sometimes only temporarily, usually because licensing deals have expired. Several new titles arrive in their place. Dan’s The Guest, which was released last year, is set to become available on July 25th!

The Guest
Arriving: July 25

David (Dan Stevens) shows up at the front door of a family grieving a fallen son in Afghanistan. He says he served with the son—and they invite him to stay. Oops! Before long, David’s no-nonsense charm gives way to a demented homicidal agenda. It’s hard to pin down all the influences on Adam Wingard’s strange, sexy comic thriller, but B-movie fans of all stripes will find much to admire in a delirious movie that sends up a half-dozen genres at once. Watch with something strong to drink.

Source: Slate

Jul 2, 2015

Hello! Welcome to Dan Stevens Online, your newest fan source for actor Dan Stevens. Dan is best known for his role as Matthew Crawley in the British period drama television series Downton Abbey, and he recently starred in the films The Guest and A Night In The Museum – Secret of The Tomb. He is now working on Disney’s Beauty & The Beast, which is set to come out in 2017. With this website, we aim to keep you up-to-date on Dan’s career, sharing various images, videos and news. A huge thank you to Luciana, from jessica-chastain.com, and Mouza, from gugumbatharaw.org, for sending so many pictures our way!

Please let us know if you need anything, and thank you for visiting!

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