Jul 15, 2017
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Noah Hawley, creator of Legion, teased what’s coming next for Dan’s character, David Haller, in Season 2 of the FX series in an interview for Entertainment Weekly. Although it has no premiere date as of yet, he told The Hollywood Reporter he’s expecting it to air around the same time of the year as Season 1, which was on February 8, 2017. You can read his quotes below, but beware of possible spoilers!

Noah Hawley revealed that the he’s sort of flipping the show’s premise for its upcoming sophomore run. “I was interested in that first year of exploring the idea of an insane man in a sane world,” said Hawley. “Now, maybe it’s flipping for me. I like the idea that David may be the sane one in an insane world.”

Just moments after finally being free from the Shadow King for the first time in his life, David found himself trapped in a mysterious mechanical orb in the post-credits scene of “Legion” Season 1 finale. During a press event ahead of the season-ender, Hawley didn’t reveal where that drone-like device is taking David, but he did share some insights into why they decided to end the show’s freshman run with that unsettling scene.

“We want to keep the pressure on. Out of the frying pan and into the fire is a pretty good approach to storytelling on some level,” Comic Book Resources quoted Hawley. “If you keep the pressure on someone whose psychology has always been unstable, it’s going to keep [him] from being able to really [heal].”

In a separate interview for Deadline, Hawley said that what happened in the post-credits scene indicates that Season 2 will tell a brand new story.

“It means that Season 2 is beginning. It means that we’ve completed this story and we’re starting a new one,” said Hawley. “You know, my goal is always that the first season would be about fighting the enemy within and, you know, learning about this entity that was inside of David and about getting it out of David, and Season 2 will be about then the enemy without and this entity now we know is a person.”

Source: International Business Times

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